Leadership Communications

For CEOs and other company leaders, it can be difficult to connect with front-line employees. If you could deliver your big-picture messages in person, you would. But staff members may be spread across the country or the world, or they may work from home. Emails and newsletters are impersonal, and messages passed through middle management may get distorted.

In Touch Management X-Change™ lets you speak directly to employees and engage them in a meaningful dialogue. Through this phone-based, two-way communication channel, leaders share news and ideas in their own voice. Employees dial in to hear leaders’ recorded messages, and can weigh in with instant, anonymous feedback.

Employees engage when they know their opinions are being heard. They become more committed to the company and its goals. As a result, everyone moves forward as a team.

Use Management X-Change™ to:

  • Share your company’s news and successes
  • Introduce new products and projects
  • Request employee feedback about a specific issue
  • Give personal recognition for achievements
How It Works
Listen to a sample message

After hearing a recorded message from the company leader, employees can choose to record a reply. Replies are transcribed, to maintain anonymity, and emailed to the senior manager or your chosen point of contact.

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